Fretted Dulcimers

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Model A-15 with "F" soundholes & teardrop shaped Model A-40

Two Dulcimers: A-15 & A-40

The Aeolus dulcimer was created by blending
classical guitar building traditions and appearance with that of the dulcimer; this combination has produced a unique instrument.   We take great pride and artistic delight in the manner in which we have combined the expression of music with the functionality of a musical instrument: an instrument not only easy to play, wonderful to listen to, but beautiful to look at.
 Models A-40 and A-50 epitomize this expression of our art.  The client that orders a Model A-50 may have his/her own unique selections incorporated into a truly one-of-a-kind instrument of the finest quality.  For the more modest needs, the Model A-15 is a standardized version of the Aeolus dulcimer.  It is of exceptional quality and tone.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The availability of these instruments has been lengthy in wait as is common with most instrument makers of this calibre.  All instruments are individually handmade by Mr. Foye.  There is no assembly line or "farming out" to sub-contractors.  If you are patient, you will eventually be rewarded with a world class instrument.  We have a waiting list: a fifty dollar non-refundable deposit will hold your place on this list.  We have never failed to deliver an instrument.  

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