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" I will be playing two different flamenco guitars, one built by my old friend, Arcangel Fernandez, from Madrid, Spain, whom I have known for more than 20 years, and another one built by another friend, Dale Foye of California, which is also a great instrument.  I think you are going to hear two beautiful instruments demonstrating the music you seek to play."
                         A MEL BAY PUBLICATION VOL I, II, III


       It is refreshing to note Master Luthier Dale E. Foye's steadfast set of principles quietly and surely ruling over his every move.  These principles go far beyond the dedication and discipline that any good luthier brings to his workbench.  A master in creating both the classical and flamenco styles, Mr. Foye is quite frankly under the spell of the Spanish guitar.   Be it a choice of exotic wood, a time-consuming technique, or a recommendation of particular instrument option to a client; first and foremost, he is dedicated to producing the finest quality instrument possible.  The superb workmanship of the details not normally visible is reflected with grace and elegance on the exterior of these beautiful instruments.  The client is invited to select from many exotic woods, with custom designed inlay options, thus producing a truly unique instrument.  As a long time professional luthier, Mr. Foye has a waiting list that is approximately 2+ years.  (Very rarely, a client is unable to complete the purchase of his guitar, and one will be available with no waiting.)  Whether you choose to accept a finished instrument, or are willing to wait for your own custom selections, you will be rewarded with the joy of owning an incredible instrument; a remarkably beautiful guitar, full of resonance, clear bell like tones, almost intuitively responsive to your every touch.  In over 24 years, Mr. Foye has never failed to deliver an instrument.  The highest references are available for the serious client.
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